X-Plus is a Japanese company which produces hyper-realistic (compared to other collectibles) soft vinyl figures. They are in the statue category as they typically have little or no articulation. X-Plus makes figures based on the Godzilla, Gamera and Ultraman franchises. They also include occasional dips into other non-Godzilla Toho kaiju as well as television series like “The Space Giants” and more. The figures come from all eras starting where it all began in 1954 up to Final Wars.

Unlike smaller and cheaper vinyls, X-Plus vinyls are super, high quality. More care is taken to hide their joints. Textures are deep and tactile delights. And probably one of the more refined features of X-Plus vinyls are the individually sculpted teeth. Where smaller vinyls simply have two ridges in their mouths with teeth merely painted on, X-Plus sculpts each tooth as a separate piece. The paint jobs are works of art themselves alone, carefully capturing the shades and hues from the “real” thing as opposed to sloppy, assembly line air brushing.